4moms Infant Tub Review

This feature-packed smart tub makes sure bath time isn’t just fun but also safe and easy.
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By Erica Sklar, Contributing Writer
Updated January 22, 2018
Baby in the 4moms Infant Tub smiling and holding mom's fingers.

· Easy to use and set up
· Easy to clean
· Unique drainage system lets dirty water flow out and fresh water in
· Built-in temperature gauge ensures water is always safe for baby

· Large/hard to store
· Newborns may need extra padding

Bottom Line
Thanks to smart features like a dirty water drain and a color-coded digital thermometer, the 4moms tub will help even the most nervous parents dive right into bath time.

Rating: 4 stars

My initial plan was to bathe my newborn daughter in our kitchen sink with a body sponge for support—but, nervous not to “break” my very new, precious cargo, I hemmed and hawed over how dangerous it could potentially be: Our deep sink and high counters didn’t give much control for a petite mom and a slippery kid. Thankfully, fortune shined upon us as my next-door neighbor’s kid grew out of the 4moms Infant Tub and we received it as a hand-me-down. The tub really set my mind at ease, allowing me, my husband and our newborn to all enjoy bathtime together.


The 4moms tub comes ready to use right out of the box, which, as any new mom knows, is a big plus when you already have your hands full and don’t have time to assemble complicated gear. The only thing you’ll need to do is insert three AAA batteries (not included) into the compartment on the bottom of the tub. You just loosen the cover with a coin, place them inside and then tighten the cover again with the coin. Once that’s done, you can set the tub right inside your bathtub or directly on top of your kitchen sink.

My favorite feature by far—and the one that makes this tub stand out from the crowd—is the built-in digital temperature gauge. In addition to displaying the digital water temperature, it’s also color-coded so you can quickly and clearly tell whether or not the water is within baby’s comfort zone: Blue is too cold, red is too hot and green is just right (between 90 and 100°F). You’ll also hear a beep to alert you to hot water so you can quickly adjust. And because the water is continuously filtered and passed through the thermometer, you don’t have to worry about missing any drastic temperature changes that might scald or chill baby.

With most bathtubs, baby ends up sitting in dirty water by the end of the bath—not with the 4moms. Another unique thing about this tub is that it lets you drain out the dirty water as you filter fresh water back in. The basin has three holes: two with plugs to adjust the water level and one that lets the water drain out as more clean water fills the basin.

The draining hole can end up splashing you or your kitchen countertops with water, depending on how fussy your child is and/or how deep your sink is, so make sure you point the hole toward the back of your sink! For this reason, I prefer to use the tub in the bathtub. Also note that since the tub sits right on top of the sink and not in it, if you have a low faucet head (like in many bathroom sinks), it may not work that well. Kitchen sinks are probably the best place to use this tub.


The tub is very easy to use, and the temperature gauge turns on with the touch of a button and automatically turns off once dry—a huge plus for those times when you leave the bath to dry off and dress baby and forget to come back! The basin of the tub is inclined to keep baby upright and even has a spot for her to rest her little feet. For the first eight weeks, I used an infant sponge inside as well for extra support (not included but you can find them at most baby stores, like this one from Babies’R’Us), but the basin does have a layer of soft, foam padding.

It’s designed to fit in most single and double basin sinks as well as most bathtubs. However, if your tub isn’t staying level because of your sink configuration, you can contact 4moms Customer Support at 1-888-614-6667 to ask about getting an additional tub spacer to place underneath.

When it comes to cleanup, the tub drains very well and is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and soap. Plus, I’ve been using the tub for over three months and haven’t had to change the temperature gauge batteries yet.


I really like that the tub, which comes with a rinsing cup, has two cup holders—one on each side—so both lefties (me) and righties (my husband) can be comfortable bathing baby. It also gives you more flexibility to use it in any kitchen or bathroom layout.

The tub is very spacious—it comfortably fit my daughter when she was 1 month old (about 21 inches tall), with room for the body sponge as well. Now at 5 months (and 24 inches tall), she still easily fits into (and enjoys) the tub without the body sponge. There’s a little extra room for a small rubber duckie, but we tend to skip the toys to give her room to kick and splash, which she increasingly loves to do. The tub will last us until she can sit up unassisted (around 5 to 8 months).

However, due to its size, it can be tough to store in small homes and apartments. It’s because of this, and this alone, that I’m eager for baby to graduate to the grown-up tub. For now, we store it in the bathtub when not in use.


Overall, this tub is fantastic—it has brought peace of mind for me and bathtime fun for my daughter. I plan to make this tub a staple on my gifting list for all new parents.

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