Q&A: Am I Having Twins?

I’m nine weeks pregnant. My husband says I’m crazy, but I just have this hunch that its twins. How can I know for sure?
ByPaula Kashtan
Mar 2017
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A hunch, eh? Actually, that’s not a bad clue — mother’s intuition starts early. Get more conclusive evidence with an ultrasound — after eight weeks, it will almost always be accurate. A Doppler device can sometimes pick up an extra heartbeat (or two!), but there’s always a chance the extra beat was actually background noise or your own heart. Elevated  hCG levels are another clue. Morning sickness and fatigue can be more severe if you’re expecting multiples, and you’ll probably also notice that belly start to protrude a little sooner (and a little more) than normal. Watch especially close for these signs if you’re  over 35 or have a family history of twins (both increase your odds).

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