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From Fertilization to Birth: Watch It Happen (GIF)

Watch a fertilized egg become a baby.

It’s time we had the talk. Sure, you know about where babies come from, but do you know how the whole thing actually works? We finally have a great visual to show you the ins and outs of embryogenesis — the process of of egg fertilization and fetal development.

Seattle-based designer Eleanor Lutz created this blow-us-away GIF of the fertilization process, beginning with a depiction of a fertilized egg before it breaks down into a multi-celled organism. Watch it become a recognizable fetus, following everything from blastocyst formation at position G to fetal eyelid development at E1. Basically, this alphabetized breakdown of fetal development is the biology class refresher all moms-to-be need. Well, our pregnancy app is a close second.

Photo: Courtesy Eleanor Lutz
Photo: Courtesy Eleanor Lutz
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