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Starting to prepare baby’s room? Get some inspiration from Bumpies’ adorable nurseries.
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BySarah Yang
Mar 2017
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Photo: vanessa antonelli / The Bump
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Photo: lanaloves / The Bump

Hanging Lanterns

We love the decorative lanterns in the corner! So whimsical. Submitted by lanaloves

Photo: carrie youngs / The Bump

Natural Girl

This nursery is perfect for any nature-lover! Submitted by Carrie Y.

Photo: vanessa antonelli / The Bump

Modern Nursery

Check out these modern digs — we love the Lucite side table and that futuristic-looking crib. Plus, isn’t the name sign super-cool? Nixon’s a lucky guy! Submitted by Vanessa A.


Pure Elegance

Mixing brown, gray and hot pink adds sophistication to this nursery. A mirror with the baby’s name in swirly script is a great idea (and can stay even when she gets older!). Submitted by Marisa S.

Photo: denise77 / The Bump

Handprint Garden

Putting mom’s, dad’s and baby’s handprints on the wall can make for a great keepsake. Submitted by Denise77

Photo: allisonfrazierjean / The Bump

Sail Away

The flags and striped pillow are simple and perfect for this natural room. Less is more! Submitted by Allison F. 

Photo: mgm01 / The Bump

Cherry Blossom

The painted tree mural and different-size frames of the same print are great additions to this girl’s room. This nursery will definitely grow with baby! Submitted by mgm01

Photo: sara youngwirth / The Bump

Branch Out

We love the gray, white and yellow color scheme — it’s sophisticated and modern. And this little serene corner with tree branches and a rocking chair is the perfect place for mom and baby to bond. Submitted by Sara Y.

Photo: Rebecca Jill Photography

Whale Tale

We’re obsessed with the painted whale above the baby’s crib — complete with Rocco’s name — how adorable! Using ocean-themed touches in subtle ways (like in the area rug, baby’s bedding and the picture frames) emphasizes the theme but isn’t too overwhelming. Submitted by Holly M.

Photo: christina122 / The Bump

Frame It

Adding DIY decorated frames to the room is an inexpensive and stylish idea. Also, we love the butterfly decals! Submitted by christina122

Photo: emilie w / The Bump

Circle Time

Focus on a shape for the theme and use it throughout the nursery — like the circle motif on the blanket and mobile in this baby’s room. Submitted by Emilie W.

Photo: jenn torrance / The Bump

Name Game

Check out baby’s name big and bold over his crib — a creative idea and an easy design trick! Submitted by Jenn T.

Photo: neems1982 / The Bump

Lion King

The mural in this nursery is so precious, and we love it even more because Bumpie neems1982 says her husband and mother-in-law painted it themselves!_ Submitted by neems1982_

Photo: wintermama11 / The Bump

Butterflies in the Sky

The pop-up butterfly decals on the wall are so adorable (and easy to remove if baby grows up and her tastes change!). Submitted by wintermama11

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