Best of Baby Winner for Best Baby Toothbrush

Keep the sugar bugs at bay with a vibrating, light-up electric toothbrush that keeps teeth clean and kiddos entertained.
ByThe Bump Editors|Published September 28, 2021
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2021 best of baby winner baby toothbrush
Image: Brush-Baby
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And the Winner Is: Brush Baby BabySonic Infant and Toddler Electric Toothbrush

As soon as those first pearly whites start poking through baby’s gums, it’s time to begin the toothbrushing routine. Cleaning one or two baby teeth is pretty easy–but as more teeth erupt, and as baby gets older, squirmier and more opinionated, the job becomes a more arduous task. You need a toothbrush that can get those chompers super-clean, and quick. The BabySonic electric toothbrush uses gentle sonic vibrations to soothe sore gums and loosen food particles, and the soft bristles reduce plaque buildup. That vibrating sensation—along with the LED light-up brush head—also delights little ones and makes the experience fun.

What We Love

• The brush comes with two soft-bristle brush heads sized for baby and toddler mouths, so it can keep pace with your growing child and last for years to come

• The sonic vibrations effectively soothe sensitive gums and new teeth while getting them sparkling clean—it reduces plaque buildup by 21 percent more than manual brushing

• Brushing becomes fun thanks to the vibrating feature and light-up brush head (which also helps you see into baby’s mouth more easily); our own kiddos would ask for the “buzz-buzz toothbrush” every night!

• The small, grippy silicone handle, the easy-to-push on/off button and the two-minute LED light timer all help your toddler learn to brush on their own

• A suction base allows the toothbrush to stand upright, keeping things hygienic and ready for the next round of brushing, and the waterproof design means you don’t have to bid goodbye to the brush when your tot inevitably drops it into the sink

Buy it: $15,

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