Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Platinum II Cradle 'N Swing Review

Thanks to its light-up mobile, upbeat songs and varying speed settings—plus a plug-in adapter—this swing can keep baby endlessly entertained.
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By Lisa Simek, Contributing Writer
Updated March 2, 2017
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• Can plug into the wall to save on batteries
• Swing position rotates with the push of a button
• Includes a mobile to keep baby engaged and entertained

• The legs take up a lot of floor space
• No memory settings for favorite speeds or sounds

Bottom Line
This swing is a must-have for all parents. We feel comfortable knowing baby is soothed and safe when strapped in the swing while my husband and I are preparing dinner or taking a break on the couch. It’s the perfect little mommy’s helper.

Rating: 5 stars

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The features on the Cradle n’ Swing might seem pretty basic, but they’re actually quite perfect. It’s easy to use, easy to take apart and easy to clean. All in all, it’s a swing that’s well worth the purchase.

My favorite feature of all time is the plug-in option. I owned swings when my eldest two kids were babies, and I can’t tell you how quickly we’d go through batteries (goes to show how often we use the swing in our house). We probably could have bought a whole new swing for the amount of money we spent on batteries. Not with this Fisher-Price swing. The fact that you can plug it in and have a carefree experience is amazing—you can use it for as long as you’d like and know the motors are always working at full strength. Of course the battery option is still there, so if we find ourselves traveling, we don’t have to worry about searching for a nearby outlet.

Another nice feature is the ability to control which direction the cradle swings. It can rock from side to side with one setting or swing front to back with the other, and comes with a five-point restraint to keep baby secure. Both settings can be adjusted for speed (low to high), although I find myself mainly using the lower speeds—they’re more gentle and don’t cause our son to slide down in the seat like the faster speeds do (my son is 3 weeks old, so maybe when he’s older and can hold his head up, the higher speeds will work better). The swing seat can also be adjusted to either recline or slight incline (it’s a two-setting function). Right after my son nurses, I set it to sit up, which helps with digestion and keeps any reflux at bay. (Ed Note: The manufacturer recommends keeping the seat fully reclined until baby is 4 months old and can hold his or her head up without help.)

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The swing’s music options are yet another great feature. Although I’m partial to white noise, the swing does offer a nice variety of songs (they seem more upbeat and engaging rather than soothing) and another setting for animal noises (that are somewhat more soothing). Some of the songs are better than others. Thankfully, you can skip a song by pushing the on/off music button—a great option for parents, especially when you hear the same tunes over and over again. I don’t really seem to use the animal noises setting. The swing actually makes a slight clicking noise as it rocks that’s sort of soothing (not sure if others would find it annoying). To me, it’s a constant white noise–type sound, similar to the ticking of a clock.

The swing also comes with a light-up mobile with rotating sheep, which keeps my son occupied for extended periods of time. My husband and I joke he looks like a little man sitting in his recliner watching his favorite show—he’s so comfortable and completely engaged in the display.

Performance-wise, I think this swing is great. It works perfectly when plugged in, and the battery life seems to do a great job as well—I can use it for a week straight, four hours each day, before having to plug it in. That said, replacing four D batteries can get costly, so we use the adapter most of the time. The settings are all adjustable, so it can easily be used on a slow speed for a newborn or on a faster speed for an older child. (Ed Note: The product is built to handle children up to 25 pounds or until they can climb out of the swing on their own, per the manufacturer’s instructions.) The motor is strong and consistent and the mobile and light show are huge baby-pleasers. No complaints with performance whatsoever.

I love the design of the swing cover. Thanks to the plush edges and soft cotton liner, my son can settle into the swing for a nice cozy snuggle. The cover comes off very easily when you want to do a quick cycle in the washing machine (which is a lifesaver when he spits up or—TMI—has explosive poops that come out of his diaper and up his back). I wouldn’t be able to wash it so often if I had to take the entire swing apart to wash the fabric.

The pleasant colors are another bonus. The mobile’s lambs and stars are gender neutral and really add a nice element to our home décor (as opposed to other baby items that have wacky colors and obnoxious themes).

My only design complaint (and it’s a slight one) is how wide the legs stand on the ground. They take up so much space (about the same footprint as a small rocking chair or recliner), I have to be mindful not to clip my foot when I sneak a peek at my son. The wide stance obviously makes the swing sturdier (which I’m all for), and I’d rather have a safer, stronger product that takes up more surface area any day, but it may not be an ideal swing for families with limited living space or in places that don’t have a lot of flat surfaces.

I would definitely recommend this swing to parents of newborns and infants. When my husband is at work and I just need a few minutes to hop in the shower or fix lunch for my other kids (aka, when I need to use both hands), this swing is essential. It safely coddles and swings my son back and forth while keeping him engaged, and it’s soft enough that he can nap in it. (Ed Note: The Cradle ‘n Swing isn’t meant to replace a crib or bassinet for prolonged periods of sleep.) The music and different speed settings are perfect for when he’s in the mood for more active play—he can sit up a bit, blow bubbles and babble to himself while trying to grasp the little mobile lambs. It’s even a great tool for giving baby some alone time so he can learn to play by himself and get used to not being held all day or having my attention 100 percent of the time. It’s the ultimate solution to getting a moment to yourself and still have peace of mind knowing baby is safe and happy.

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