Gorgeous Green Nursery Inspiration You'll Love!

Maybe it's because green is gender neutral. Maybe it's because greenery was named the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year. Maybe it's because it complements almost any other baby-appropriate hue. We're not sure why green is so hot for nurseries. But we love it! Here are some creative ideas for incorporating it into baby's nursery.
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Updated February 16, 2017
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Image: Raquel Bianca Creative / Play Chic Interiors / The Bump
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Accent Wall

Create an eye-catching wall with green-and-white stripes, and add green accents, such as a mobile and wall art.


Paint the Sky

Remember that old rule that you shouldn’t paint your ceiling? It’s wrong! Adding a bright color, way up high, perks up any space and adds a pop of color that isn’t overbearing.

Image: Raquel Bianca Creative / Play Chic Interiors / The Bump

Go Multicolor

Don’t want to go too crazy with green? Mix it up with other colors. The paint-chip canvas wall-art is flawlessly funky. Hang it on baby’s wall, and let the bright colors liven things up.

Image: Raquel Bianca Creative / Play Chic Interiors / The Bump

Use Toys as Accents

Classic toys aren’t just playthings. They can add lots of color, without cluttering things up. And these Legos happen to offer a lively grass-green.


Colorful Curtains

Resist the urge to make a “safe” window treatment choice. Curtains don’t have to be bland! Instead, liven them up with sage ones like these.

Image: Raquel Bianca Creative / Play Chic Interiors / The Bump

Green Paper Lanterns

Decorative lanterns aren’t just for parties. These accents keeps the room fun, bright and festive. Plus, they stay up high, out of baby’s reach.

Image: Raquel Bianca Creative / Play Chic Interiors / The Bump

Peacock Print

Look for green prints with lots of personality, like the peacock-inspired fabric on this lampshade. So funky!

Image: Raquel Bianca Creative / Play Chic Interiors / The Bump

DIY Wall Art

DIY doesn’t have to be a headache. It can be as easy as buying a simple frame and printing out a favorite picture or quote for baby. Simple pops of color (we’re loving the green — feel free to add more!) bring the frame to life — and compliment the green decor you’ve got running through the room.


Wall Decals

Removable wall decals are a no-commitment way to add green — plus, some whimsy — to baby’s wall. Plus, they’re easy to take down once she has an opinion on the colors and themes for her wall decor.


Use it as a Co-Color

If you you love green, but don’t want to overdo it, pair it with a no-fail hue like blue, for a crowd-pleasing look.


Green Wildlife

Owls don’t have to be brown, black or white. Adding these green shades make the room feel inspiring, childish and fun! What better place for baby to grow up?


Green Your Storage

Baskets are a storage lifesaver — and an easy way to seemlessly invite green touches into your space.



Every nursery is made complete with a personalized touch, like these homemade green letters, hung from wooden hooks.

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