Checklist: Questions to Ask When Choosing an Ob-Gyn

When it comes to finding an ob-gyn, meeting the candidates face-to-face is key. Come to the interview prepared with these top questions to select the right doctor for you.
ByThe Bump Editors
Dec 2017
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Starting out on your pregnancy journey? Congrats! You’ve got 40 weeks ahead of you filled with excitement, anticipation and a probably a dash of anxiety. You’re bound to have questions and concerns as your body and baby undergo major changes, so finding an ob-gyn to guide you through pregnancy and deliver your little one on the big day is an all-important task. Knowing the right questions to put to prospective doctors will help you narrow your search and select the right one for you. As you prep for your meet-and-greets, read through this checklist of interview questions to ask when choosing an ob-gyn.

Questions to Ask the Doctor

• Do you accept my insurance?

• How long have you been in practice? How many births have you attended?

• What hospitals are you affiliated with? Where would I deliver?

• Is this a private or group practice? If it’s a group practice, who will I meet with throughout my pregnancy, and who will deliver my baby? If it’s a private practice, who is on-call when the doctor is not available?

• How many babies do you deliver each month?

• How many patient appointments are scheduled in a day? How much time do you allot for each visit?

• What are the after-hours policies? Are you available by phone or email for questions between visits, or is there a nurse who can provide advice and answers?

• How do you accommodate patients’ birth plan preferences?

• What are your views about pain medication during labor? About natural childbirth?

• What is your c-section rate?

• Do you perform VBACs (vaginal birth after c-section)? What’s your VBAC success rate?

• Do you perform episiotomies as a matter of course?

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• Do you have experience with high-risk pregnancies?

• Are you comfortable working with a doula if I decide to hire one?

Questions to Ask Yourself

• Did you like the doctor’s style of communication and bedside manner?

• Did the doctor listen to your concerns and answer all your questions? Did you feel rushed during the interview?

• Did the doctor’s views on pregnancy, childbirth and medical care align with your own?

• Was the office clean?

• Were the nurses and office staff friendly and helpful?

• How long did you wait before being seen?

• Was the office conveniently located?

Updated December 2017

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