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Q&A: What Happens At My First OB Visit?

What should I expect at my first prenatal visit?

Your first appointment, generally between 8 and 12 weeks, will include a complete medical history and a thorough physical, including a pelvic exam, breast exam, urine test, pap smear and blood work. This is to check your overall health and identify any factors that put you at risk for pregnancy, birth or fetal complications. Based on this, your doc will discuss possible genetic testing and any specific warning signs and symptoms to watch for. You may also have an ultrasound. Based on the time of your last period, the doc will give an estimated (we said estimated!) due date.

The first visit is also a time to ask lots of questions and any discuss lifestyle changes or restrictions you may need to observe during pregnancy. Based on your health and risk factors, you and your doc will work out a schedule for subsequent appointments.

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