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Q&A: Are Lactation Headaches Normal?

Why do I get headaches when I nurse?

In some rare cases, moms report headaches that occur when their milk lets down. Experts think this might be related to the surge in ocytocin (a hormone). Some moms find that mild pain killers (like Tylenol or Advil) help and that the headaches become less severe or stop around two months postpartum. Other moms have problems with these “lactation headaches” until they wean.

At some point, you might also get a headache when one or both of your breasts are becoming engorged. If this is the case, drain your breasts thoroughly (using baby and/or pump) to stay one step ahead of mastitis or a breast infection. Of course, you could also have headaches from exhaustion, low blood sugar, sinus problems, allergies, migraines, or a number of other reasons. Either way, talk to your doctor if your headaches are persistent or severe.

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