Jodie Turner-Smith Says Breast Milk Is the Key to Her Skincare Routine

“Ever since I had my baby, my current beauty secret is that I put breast milk in all of my face serums.”
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By Nehal Aggarwal, Editor
Published September 21, 2020
jodie turner smith uses breast milk for her skincare routine
Image: Lia Toby / Getty Images

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith is finding one upside to new motherhood: creative uses for breast milk.

Turner-Smith and her husband Joshua Jackson welcomed their first child in April—and she recently revealed she’s been using her own breast milk in her beauty routine ever since.

“Ever since I had my baby, my current beauty secret is that I put breast milk in all of my face serums,” Turner-Smith, 34, shared told Vogue in an interview. “My skin is very sensitive, so I use a light cleanser, and then I put on a serum with aloe and breast milk that I literally squeeze right into my hands from my boob. I think it’s the lactic acid. I’ve just found that the milk has been revolutionary.”

The new mom has also been working on Gucci’s new Bloom fragrance campaign, which she hopes will help shift how Black women are often represented in the beauty and fashion industry.

“There were so many times where I would take photos, and whoever I’m working with was like, ‘Now, can you be really fierce and growl?’ And it’s like, ‘Can I just be tender?’ ” she told the outlet. “White women get to be that all the time. So I loved the fact that I could be this woman who is powerful while still gentle. Can I be a carefree Black girl?!”

In terms of how she’s adjusting to motherhood during a pandemic, Turner-Smith says the extra time at home has been a blessing. “I had to learn how to breastfeed and how to be a mum—it really worked out for my baby,” she stated, adding that she hopes to be able to teach her daughter the importance of self-confidence.

“That self-assuredness is what is going to help her navigate life,” she said. “It’s important to impart to my daughter what is beautiful about her, and about who she comes from and where she comes from, and what is powerful about that.”

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