People Think Kim Kardashian May Breastfeed Her Baby After Surrogacy

Whatever works for her.
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By Sarah Hooper, Associate Social Editor
Published January 11, 2018
Kim Kardashian
Image: Getty Images

The Kardashian family is not usually known for being secretive on social media. But with the current media circus surrounding Kylie Jenner’s suspected pregnancy driving America crazy, big sister Kim stirred up some baby-related controversy of her own this week.

Kardashian has her fans in a tizzy over a photo shared via Instagram Story of a breastfeeding pillow. Her followers are wondering why she needs a nursing pillow since she is using a surrogate for baby no. 3 (due any day now).

Image: Kim Kardashian via Instagram Story

Fans took to Twitter to speculate.

While it’s really none of our business, Kardashian can breastfeed if she chooses to do so. Believe it or not, you can actually coach your body to produce milk when you haven’t given birth to a baby. Adoptive parents, for example, may induce lactation by taking birth control pills, stimulating the breast with a breast pump and consuming galactagogues. Just take it from this Australian same-sex couple, who both breastfed their daughter, born via sperm donor.

Speculation aside, there might be a less extreme explanation for the pillow in question. Lots of new moms utilize nursing pillows for bottle feeding their newborns, too.

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