Summer Infant 3D-one Convenience Stroller Review

As its name implies, this lightweight, user-friendly stroller will make getting around with baby a whole lot more convenient.
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By Stacy Schiffman, Contributing Writer
Updated January 30, 2017
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• Smooth ride
• Generous, expandable sun canopy
• Has all the key features: storage, canopy, wheel brakes
• Easy to adjust everything from the seat to the canopy with just one-hand

• The buckle padding is cumbersome—but it can be removed
• The clip-on cup holder is flimsy

The Summer 3D-one Convenience Stroller is a great, lightweight alternative to the larger, more expensive strollers that carry your child from infancy through toddlerhood.


When I think of strollers, I picture either the large, clunky, traditional strollers or the small, flimsy umbrella strollers of the world. So when I got this one as a gift, I didn’t think I would like it because it didn’t fit either of my preconceived notions about what a stroller should look and be like. Boy was I in for a surprise! The 3D-one has been amazing because it’s given us the best of both worlds: It has the versatility and ease of use you get with an umbrella stroller, plus the key features you want in a traditional stroller.

For starters, the smooth glide front wheels provide a super-smooth ride. I’ve been using the stroller for about two months now and my 13-month-old daughter Eleanor is always psyched to head out for a walk and never seems to get bounced around or feel any bumps in the road. I can also easily adjust her seat angle using side latches located behind the seat. There are three positions from fully upright to completely reclined, with a stop in between. The full recline is great for napping and on-the-go diaper changes. And with an adjustable calf rest, Eleanor can stretch out her little legs.

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The adjustable sun canopy is gorgeous and, as one of the largest on the market, provides full coverage along with a zippable extension that we use regularly. My daughter has sensitive eyes and loves when I pull the canopy down to block the sun for her. There is also a great mesh window flap on top, so I can peek in to keep an eye on her while she stays safe from the sun. The storage bin beneath the carriage is big enough for most daily needs, but unfortunately not really big enough for grocery bags.

One thing I don’t like is the padding on the buckle area of the five-point harness. It’s rather bulky and you have to adjust it and hold it in place while you’re buckling. If you’ve ever tried to get a wiggly toddler into a stroller, you know it can already be difficult using a five-point harness fast enough before they begin to shimmy out of the seat—so the last thing I want to deal with is a bulky buckle delaying the process. The good news is you can simply remove the padding from the harness and baby will be none the wiser.


I thought I would still buy a larger stroller, but it turns out this one has been performing so nicely for us that we’ve actually been using it exclusively. We spend a lot of time maneuvering sidewalks and curbs in the city and it handles it all pretty well. And at 18 inches wide, we’re able to manage easily when it comes to doorways and elevators, not to mention it’s less cumbersome when folded up at home or in a car. Despite a lot of use, it’s kept in very good condition, and since it holds babies and toddlers up to 50 pounds, we can continue to rely on it for years to come.

Opening and closing the 3D-one is a breeze—there’s a latch near the rear wheel that’s easy to push with one hand or your foot and the stroller literally collapses itself. Plus, the stroller weighs only 16 pounds (depending on how many features they’re loaded up with, umbrella strollers typically range from 11 to 22 pounds) and comes with a carrying strap, so it’s easy to fold and carry on my shoulder like a tote bag. It can also stand on its own while folded for storage in a closet—it takes up less space than my vacuum! How great is that?


Overall I really like the design and style of this stroller. The bright green is a refreshing pop of color but it also comes in eclipse gray and solar orange if you’re looking for other options. The lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy, the seat is comfy, the fabric feels durable and is easy to spot clean, and the handling is surprisingly smooth, since those glide wheels really do absorb the shock of bumps in the road. The front wheels also lock forward, which helps you tackle all types of terrain. When it’s time to stop and park, the rear wheels lock in place with a tap of the foot. I also really love the zipper storage pouch on the back of the canopy. You can fit a long wallet in there or use it like I do for just my keys and cell phone when we go out for a walk.

One area of design, though, that could use some help is the cup holder. I found it to be flimsy in the way that it was attached to the stroller. It just looked cheap and couldn’t even support a small water bottle very well. I ended up having to use the bottom storage area for my water instead, which could get annoying if you drink a lot and have to keep bending over to get it.


The Summer Infant 3D-one is a solid choice for a convenience stroller. It has all the features and comfort I wanted in an everyday, workhorse stroller, but it’s on a lightweight frame that folds up so easily. If you’re looking for an all-in-one compact stroller, you’ll definitely want to consider making this your go-to choice.

Stacy Schiffman is Eleanor’s mommy, Marcus’ wife, and a financial recruiter based out of NYC. She loves babies and baby products!

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