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Design Tips for Small Nurseries

Here's what to keep in mind when working with a tight space.

Yep. There’s lots to think about when designing a nursery in a small space. To help get you going, here are a few tips from The Bump co-founder Carley Roney:

Prioritize right
If you’re really short on space, consider the must-have items you need for baby. Many parents find they don’t use a crib for baby right off the bat, so a bassinet might just make do for a while.

Buy furniture that grows with baby
Choose products that have more than one purpose.  For example, a convertible crib can change into a bed and is great for a growing child. (If you’re spending a lot of money on furniture, investing in a quality crib that can be converted as your child grows is a smart idea.)

Take advantage of folding & portable furniture
Another great idea is to purchase items that can be folded and stored when not in use. For example, some changing tables are not only gorgeous and sturdy, but also fold flat for easy storage.

Look into multi-purpose furniture
Selecting furniture that have more than one purpose is a great way to maximize space. For example, a step stool that also has a storage space can help you prevent clutter.

Research companies that specialize in furnishing smaller rooms

Here are some of our favorites:

Stokke: Stokke has cribs that can fit in the tiniest rooms. What’s great too is that you can add or take out pieces to the Stokke cribs and make them larger as your child grows or if you ever move into a home with a larger room.

Oeuf: Oeuf was founded by first-time parents who wanted to create a nursery line of clean, simple design. One of their most popular items is the “The Oeuf Crib,” which has a changing station that can actually be placed right on top of the crib. Oeuf also carries a “Sparrow Dresser” that can be easily converted to a changing table.

Netto Collection: This company specializes in modern, streamlined furniture. They have a “Moderne Crib” that has a shelf underneath the mattress area for extra storage space. Plus, it converts to a daybed. They also have a “Loft Changing Table” with drawers that can be converted to a tray-topped cabinet.

Use your wall space
If you have limited floor space, consider purchasing items you can hang, such as a diaper bag or laundry hamper. Maximizing the use of your closet space is also a smart idea. Stackable drawers and installing extra nails to hang items can be a huge help in storing away clutter.

Buy portable and collapsible drawers
These items can be placed under the crib and hidden with a dust ruffle for additional storage.

Try wall shelves
Wall shelves are not only a great way to put away books, frames and toys, it’s also a great way to showcase mementos.

Photo: Ashley Glasco Photography