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What Will My Newborn Look Like?

What will my baby look like when he finally comes out?

Sure, all newborns are beautiful miracles. But as far as aesthetics go, well, they tend to look like little larva that just squeezed through a tight, slimy tube after soaking in fluid for 9 months. If baby is born vaginally, he might have a cone-head (c-section babies don’t usually suffer this fate). And no matter the exit route, baby is likely to be wrinkly and might have swollen genitals and breasts, a coating of cheese-like vernix caseosa, a little fur (lanugo) on his back and head, poofy eyes, scratches, rashes, and other blotches and skin weirdness. But don’t worry — he’ll be gorgeous in his own way, and will come to look much more like a chubby Gerber baby in a couple of months’ time.

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