Bumpie Tip of the Week: Baby Names and Other People’s Opinions

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Mar 2017
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When baby is on the way, one of the most exciting parts is choosing their name. To go with something classic, or gender neutral?? The options are endless! Unfortunately, things can get sticky when other people start giving their opinions…especially if it’s unwarranted feedback. Here, Bumpies share their advice for how to deal:


  • “If you wait to share once the baby is here you’ll cut way back on anything negative. It’s not hard to keep it a secret - just say we’ve decided to keep our name choices to ourselves from here on out. End of story.” -lindsayhil
  • “I honestly don’t think they realize how rude they are coming off to you. So, you have to take it with a grain of salt.” -ConversationLover
  • “Name choices are just the first thing you’ll be judged on by people during parenthood.  Your birth choices, whether or not you breastfeed, your use or not of a pacifier, how you get your child to sleep, etc., are all things that yes, are not really other people’s business, but people like to make it their business.  It’s best to start now with letting such things roll off of your shoulders as best you can.” -mb413
  • “If someone asks what the names are, you tell them you don’t know yet. Simple as that.” -Meery28
  • “If you don’t want unsolicited opinions on your names, then don’t share them. It really doesn’t matter how pushy someone is.” -mjr2
  • “We will not share our names with anyone. I know people are pushy about wanting to know, but we will tell them names we like, but have decided not to use. That way they are happy to hear a name and we do not care about their opinions either way. When the baby is here they will find out.” -Shonan
  • “You should name your child whatever you want and not worry about what anyone else might think. If you have a meaning and a reason that are tied to those names and you both like them, then go for it.” -blessed5852
  • “If you are going to be offended by people’s opinions, don’t tell them the name until it is official.  Once the baby is born, they will be too thrilled with the baby to complain much about the name.” -SaraML31
  • "You’re having a baby and you would do well to stop caring about people’s opinions of your parenting decisions. You’re only setting yourself up to be angry a lot. " -DaisyB
  • “I am more than happy to share our names with everyone and anyone, because I don’t care what anyone thinks. We are getting a lot of unwanted feedback, and my standard response is: ‘Oh well, you get to name your children, I get to name mine.’” -EleanorRk
  • “Simple fix… don’t reveal the name to anyone until baby is born. It’ll be too late for their opinion at that point. Even if they hate it, a precious baby will overshadow their feelings.” cozybearblue


How do you handle negative feedback of your name choices?

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