Moms Swear This Restaurant's Specialty Pizza Helps Induce Labor

Legend has it, the meal has the power to send pregnant woman straight to the delivery room.
ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
Apr 2019
skipolini preggo pizza pie, which claims to help women into labor.
Image: Sara

After nine long months of being a party of two, expectant moms are all in agreeance: baby is overstaying their welcome. At this point, you’re ready to try all the old wives’ tales on how to induce labor. There’s a lot of different rumors on foods that’ll do the trick, and the talk of the town in Northern California is a specialty dish from Skipolini’s Pizza.

Referred to by locals as the “Prego Pizza,” word on the street is the meal has the power to send expectant moms straight to the delivery room. As the legend goes, a pregnant woman walked into the pizzeria in 1981 and jokingly asked for a piece of pizza to help induce labor. After Skipolini’s crafted a slice consisting of nearly every topping in the restaurant—and weighing more than 4 pounds—the woman’s water broke later that night. It’s hard to tell whether the story has been sensationalized over the years, but the website currently has a dedicated list of nearly 150 women who’ve shared their Prego Pizza testimonials. In fact, the restaurant is so sought after for its specialty pie, it advertises that it’s the “home of the legendary labor inducing Prego Pizza” right on the pizza box.

Qualifying as a major cheat meal, the indulgent slice is covered in 13 toppings cooked to perfection: salami, pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, oregano, linguica, black olives, bell peppers and handfuls of onions and minced garlic. Are you drooling yet?

And if nothing else, it’s sure to delight the senses. “Even if this doesn’t work, the Prego Pizza was probably the tastiest pizza I’ve ever had,” one mom-to-be shared on Instagram. “The best part of being this pregnant is trying all the pregnancy ‘superstitions,’ especially when it includes food.”

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