11 Pregnancy Moments You Know Are Coming but Still Leave You Shook

Reading about not being able to see your feet is one thing. Actually experiencing it is another.
ByCassie Kreitner
Senior Editor
May 2020
very pregnant woman looking down at feet
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The roller coaster of emotions starts the minute you see that positive test. And no matter how much you do to get ready for the next nine months—reading up on impending symptoms and physical changes, and getting advice from mom friends—actually experiencing pregnancy is still pretty shocking. Read on for some of the craziest moments coming your way, from the highs (like feeling baby move for the first time) to the lows (uh, hemorrhoids). Because the best way to prepare for the unexpected is with a healthy sense of humor.

1. When you see baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound screen.

2. When you wake up and realize your chest has seemingly grown a cup size overnight.

3. When that first bout of morning sickness hits as you’re getting ready for work.

4. When your raging hormones produce a roller coaster of emotions…often in the same convo.

5. When your food cravings lead to unusual eating habits.

6. When you finally have a noticeable bump and it doesn’t just look like you’ve packed on a few.

7. When you think you feel baby move for the first time—but it could’ve also been the burrito you ate for lunch.

8. When you wake up to swelling, itching and overall discomfort down there.

9. When you’re getting ready for bed and are startled by those first Braxton-Hicks contractions.

10. When just the thought of going No. 2 strikes fear in your heart.

11. When you finish packing your hospital bag, realize how far you’ve come and know you’re so ready for what’s next.

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