Ellen Child Star Sophia Grace Brownlee Has Welcomed Her First Child

The 19-year-old YouTube star known for her 2011 cover of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass announced the birth of her baby this weekend. Learn more about her new addition here.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Updated March 6, 2023

Sophia Grace Brownlee is officially a mom!

Sophia Grace Brownlee—known for her 2011 cover of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—has welcomed her first child. This past Sunday, the 19-year-old YouTube star shared the birth of her son on Instagram with a delicate black-and-white photo of her infant’s tiny fingers grabbing her hand.

“26.02.2023,” she simply captioned the post with his birthday. Outside of her baby’s birthday, Brownlee has declined to reveal her son’s name or show his face. “I don’t want to show my baby’s face at first when he’s born until I feel ready to,” she said in a YouTube video last month. “Maybe in a couple of months, after he’s born, I will feel like I’m ready. But honestly, it is down to me completely. Whatever I want to do, it’s completely my decision.”

In the comments, friends and family members congratulated Brownlee and her boyfriend on their new arrival. “Welcome to the world, Nicki Minaj the 3rd!” Ellen DeGeneres commented. “I love him so much already,” Brownlee’s cousin and former Super Bass costar Rosie McClelland added.

Congratulations to Brownlee on her new addition!

Sophia Grace Brownlee Announces She’s Expecting

Brownlee first shared the happy news that she was expecting in a video posted to her YouTube channel on October 22. Standing amid a backdrop of pink and blue balloons, the singer talked about how shocked she was when she first found out about her pregnancy but how she has taken the surprise in stride.

“I got used to it now, and I’m super, super happy about it. And I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys and definitely have a lot of different content from what I usually have," Brownlee told her fans. “I do feel like people will be quite surprised,” the now 19-year-old continued. “But I’m happy about it, that’s all that matters.”

While Brownlee was initially feeling “very, very sick for a long time” at the start of her pregnancy, her delayed announcement about the baby—whose sex she knows but will reveal in a separate video—was held off until 21 weeks, at which time she felt comfortable and safe sharing the news.

Throughout the rest of the video, Brownlee talked about how it felt to hear her child’s heartbeat for the first time. “That was literally so cool because it’s like, mad to think that there’s literally another like, life inside of you,” Brownlee said. “So that was super cool.”

Our best to the new mom on her next adventure!

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