Best of Baby Winner for Best Baby Wipes

The thickest, gentlest, most effective wipes around for cleaning baby cheek to cheek.
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Published September 27, 2021
Coterie water wipes
Image: Courtesy Coterie
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And the Winner Is: Coterie Water Wipes

There is nothing worse than having a wipe rip in your hands as you tackle a messy diaper change. Thin, flimsy baby wipes are simply nonstarters in our book. So imagine our delight when we discovered the new and improved wipes from Coterie—hands-down the thickest, most durable wipes we’ve encountered, ready to take on the toughest of jobs. But don’t let that fool you: they’re still incredibly soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, and gentle on the environment to boot. In fact, they’re the only wipes to earn certifications from the National Eczema Association, Environmental Working Group (EWG), FSC (the mark of responsible forestry) and OK Compost Home (a guarantee they’re compostable in a home environment).

What We Love

• These wipes are thick enough to handle the messiest of messes and big enough to do it all with one wipe; they’re said to be 20 percent larger than other brands

• Despite their workhorse abilities, the wipes are still gentle enough to avoid irritating baby’s delicate skin (we can personally attest to this!)—and no wonder, since they’re made of 99 percent water and two known skincare ingredients: vitamin E and glycerin

• Unlike many other wipes on the market, these contain zero plastics; instead, they’re made with a 100 percent plant-based fiber. And unlike other plant-based wipes that take months to compost, these ones compost in five weeks (that’s faster than an apple!)

• You don’t have to take just our word for how awesome these baby wipes are: The fact that they also have the stamp of approval from the EWG, National Eczema Association and other major groups should be a serious confidence-booster

Buy it: $26 for four packs,

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