Quiz: What’s Your Maternity Style?

Your body’s totally changed, but your fashion sense hasn’t. Take our style quiz to find your perfect maternity outfit.
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Updated January 30, 2017
Quiz: What’s Your Maternity Style?
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1 .
Date night with your partner is:
A romantic dinner and a movie, of course!
A chic cocktail lounge, where we’ll be sure to be seen (I’ll be drinking a mocktail, of course!).
A bonfire or moonlit walk on the beach.
Seeing our favorite indie rock band.
A foreign language class.
2 .
Open your closet. What does your pre-pregnancy wardrobe look like?
Primary colors and solids -- they never go out of style!
Trendy stuff I used to wear to the clubs.
Paisley, tie-dye and a touch of hemp.
Edgy pieces, Ray-Bans and lots of black.
Cardigans and button-downs in every color of the rainbow.
3 .
What do you feel most comfortable and confident wearing?
Good quality pieces: A classic dress, a well-fitting pair of jeans, pretty pumps.
The latest styles -- I keep up with my fashion magazines!
Something earthy and flowy.
Stretchy skinny jeans, a rock tee and my Toms.
Something that makes me feel feminine and put-together.
4 .
Which celeb mama’s style would you like to channel while you’re pregnant (click on their names to see their maternity style)?
Reese Witherspoon
Kourtney Kardashian
Jessica Alba
January Jones
Molly Sims
5 .
You’d like your baby shower theme to be:
Simple: Pink if it’s a girl; blue if it’s a boy.
Baby bling -- sparkles everywhere!
Woodlands animals
Rock star baby
Please answer all questions first.
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