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Get The Look: Kerry Washington’s Show-Stopping SAG Awards Crop Top

PUBLISHED ON 01/20/2014

Maternity fashion will never look the same again — and there's only one woman to thank for that. Kerry Washington made heads practically separate from necks when she stunned on the 2014 SAG Awards red carpet in a custom crop top Prada ensemble with a full body skirt. The top, which was a serious departure from her elegant Golden Globes get-up, took maternity fashion to places it's never, ever been before and for that, well, we owe our girl a high-five.

Washington absolutely dazzled as she walked the red carpet — _and was, without a doubt, the talk of the night. She told _E! correspondent Ross Mathews, "I don't have anything to hide anymore, so I'm having a little fun tonight." And wow, did she have fun with her outfit. She paired the beaded top with a midnight blue skirt (also by Prada) and accessorized the look to perfection with Harry Winston diamond earrings and a silk black headband.

Though the reaction was mixed (most loved the look but a few had some reservations about the crop top on a pregnant woman), there's no denying the style implications that Kerry's choice will have on moms-to-be. We love the look for a few reasons: First, there's no arguing that Kerry, who's about six months along, looked as vivacious, breathtaking and exquisite as ever. The simple, understated elegance of the black silk headpiece against her beaded hot-pink top showed her seamless ability to mix sophistication and flirtation (which, let's face it, is a hard thing to pull of even if you're not growing a baby), but what we really loved most was the message it sends to moms-to-be.

Seeing Kerry stun in that two-piece gown was a reaffirmation of the fact that pregnancy is beautiful, sexy and incredibly feminine. As your belly and baby continue to grow and change your body, why not have a little fun with your look? Inspired by Kerry's look, here are a few more we loved (they're not crop tops, but the patterns and fit make them just as stylish):

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As Kerry so stylishly shows, a little belly never hurt nobody.

Did you love her look?

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