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profile picture of Sarah Newell
Sarah Newell

Nursery Spotlight: 60s Inspiration From Mad Men

With Season 5 of Mad Men almost over, we're sad to see it go and even more sad to say good-bye to our weekly dose of 60s fashion and decor inspiration. Here are some ideas to channel that iconic era into a stylish nursery.
PUBLISHED ON 05/25/2012



The Iconic Housewife, Betty, in a 60s-Inspired Nursery

Light wood cribs were popular during this era.

Photo: photo: AMC

A Nursery Corner in the Parents' Room

Here's an actual 1960s nursery complete with mint green walls, stuffed animals and warm wood furniture.

Photo: photo: Better Homes and Gardens, September 1959

A Minimalist Nursery

Clean lines and stark white make this vintage nursery a bright spot to play.

Photo: Decoration Ideas for Modern Living

A Retro-Inspired Nursery

Today, you can get the look with retro wallpaper and sleek wood furniture. Many manufacturers are now designing mid-century modern-inspired cribs with today's standards in safety.

Photo: Habitually Chic