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profile picture of Sarah Newell
Sarah Newell

Nursery Spotlight: Modern White

This light and airy nursery was designed for twin girls, but you'd never guess it! The sophisticated design is centered around old family photos and vintage toys that give the room personality instead of relying on a dominant color. And the combination of soft, neutral hues with white, modern furniture creates a look that will grow with the babies. Take a closer look:
PUBLISHED ON 05/11/2012

A Peaceful Corner

The gallery wall features old family photos and playful illustrations.

Photo: Oh, Darling! Photography

A Modern Crib

The Oeuf Classic Crib has a modern yet natural look.

Photo: Oh, Darling! Photography


Old toys and lots of books fill the shelves. The dresser is from Ikea.

Photo: Oh, Darling! Photography

Vintage Toys

Instead of a theme, this couple used vintage toys to decorate the shelves.

Photo: Oh, Darling! Photography

Naturally Chic

Soothing colors like browns, green and blues are gender neutral.

Photo: Oh, Darling! Photography