Bruising Easily During Pregnancy

Notice more bruises now that you’re expecting? Find out what could be causing all those black-and-blue marks and what to do about them.
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ByLara Simondi
Mar 2017
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What is easy bruising during pregnancy?

Some women notice more bruises than normal during pregnancy or find that the tiniest bump causes a major black-and-blue mark.

What could be causing my easy bruising during pregnancy?

Sure, it could be nothing. But there’s a chance you may have developed gestational thrombocytopenia — which means a low platelet count caused simply by being pregnant. Platelets help blood to clot, and clotting is important both in anesthesia (for labor) and in surgery, such as a c-section.

When should I go to the doctor with my easy bruising during pregnancy?

It’s worth mentioning to your doctor or midwife at your next appointment. Your platelets will be checked throughout your pregnancy, anyhow, but it’s worth bringing it to her attention just to be extra-cautious — especially since low platelets are one of the symptoms of HELLP syndrome, a serious pregnancy complication.

What should I do to treat my easy bruising during pregnancy?

It all depends on the cause. If it turns out you do have a low platelet count, your provider will continue to monitor your platelets throughout the pregnancy. If they dip too low, you may be recommended not to have an epidural, and your provider may do everything possible to try to avoid a c-section, since trouble clotting could make the procedure more risky. Tell your provider about any other weird  symptoms you may have, including headaches, swellingvomiting and bleeding, which could be signs of HELLP syndrome.

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