Bumpie Tip of the Week: Fighting Fatigue During Pregnancy

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Mar 2017
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You’re rocking the pregnancy glow and counting down the days for baby to arrive, but there’s just one problem. You are tired. All. The. Time. Yes, it looks like fatigue has hit you hard. It’s a common side effect of pregnancy, so no need to worry. But, you may be wondering how to boost your energy! Bumpies share their hacks below:

  • “I drink caffeine.  Can’t get through the day without a cup of hot, black coffee.  It’s ok to drink some coffee (or tea, or whatever caffeine you usually ingest).” — thebadpotato
  • “I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee with either pregnancy, so I did strong black tea instead. English breakfast tea was my favorite.” — KittyMista
  • “The best natural energy booster I know of is sleep.” — stompysmashy
  • “Eating a good amount of whole grains (not refined and processed) will help give you more energy.” — kyliedanielleoo
  • “I drink caffeine (Coke) every once in a while, just a cup though.” — cpine
  • “I’m a coffee girl, but when pregnant it doesn’t even sound good to me. I opt for Gatorade or Powerade and it really helps!” — KAS838
  • “I had to have black iced tea for the first few months because of aversions, but now I have an iced coffee every day. Have the caffeine. It’s okay in moderation.” — allonsyalonos
  • "Try going for little power walks when you can. It gives me an extra boost of energy during the day and helps me sleep at night. " — Izzyski2
  • “If you’re really wanting to avoid caffeine the best trick I’ve found is to bite into a lemon.  Talk about a wake up!” — CJWhitney
  • “I gave up caffeine before TTC for other reasons and started putting chia seeds in my drinks as my alternative (or you can put them in yogurt, smoothies, etc.) I think it’s working pretty well.” — JacquelineDL
  • “Give chocolate a try. Cocoa does have small amounts of caffeine and the sweetness may give you the burst of energy you need.” — Emily1810

How did you fight fatigue during your pregnancy?

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