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3 Creative (and Easy!) Ways To Go Green With Baby Storage

We are always looking for simple and creative ways to go green – and here is one of our favorite "go green" ideas. We use it for disposable diaper users — and a great way to keep baby's clothes organized!

Want to try it out? Here’s how:

1. Use the cardboard box packaging for diapers to store baby's clothes when they outgrow them. For example, in the newborn diaper boxes store newborn clothes and any leftover diapers; in the size 1 boxes store clothes size 0-3 months; in size 2 diaper boxes store 3-6 months; in size 3 diapers store 6-9 months; in size 4 store 9-12 months.

Generally speaking, your baby will be wearing the clothes that match the diaper size at least through the first year. The boxes are usually very sturdy, stack nicely, and have easy grip handles to move them around. The boxes get bigger as the diaper size gets bigger too, so they are able to accommodate the clothes as your baby grows!

2. Use scrap paper to write or print out notes. This will help you keep track of what's inside which box, so you can tape the information to the outside (ex. clothes, onesies, swaddles, bibs, burp cloths, hats, mitts, etc...). Try to be as specific as possible so that when it is time to use your stuff again, you can find it easily!You can use the boxes to sort smaller toys into specific age groups as well!

3. Donate old toys, clothes and baby accessories to charity (or a friend!) once you're finished. Moms, it's a  breeze to stack the boxes in the car and unload at a friends house or a charity without worrying about bringing anything back home — and the recipient already knows which boxes to open when she needs them! Seriously — does it get any easier?!

How will you green up your baby storage? Share your tips below!

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