Drop-Side Crib Recall Announced Again

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Updated March 2, 2017
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In 2008, Delta recalled more than 985,000 of its drop-side cribs with “Crib Trigger Lock and Safety Peg” hardware. The manufacturer and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission just reissued that recall again, because in 2009 a 7-month-old girl got trapped and suffocated between the crib’s detached drop-side and mattress. This secondhand crib was reassembled without the safety pegs, which caused the fatal situation when the rail came off the track.

The recalled cribs were sold at major retail stores such as Kmart, Target and Walmart from January 1995 through December 2005 (and through September 2007 for model 4624). If you purchased one of these Delta cribs or got a secondhand crib that was purchased during this time period, first look to see if you have one of these 49 model numbers, which you can find on the top of the mattress support board:

• 4320, 4340
• 4500, 4520, 4530, 4532, 4540, 4542, 4550, 4551, 4580
• 4600, 4620, 4624 (produced from January 2006 through November 2007)
• 4640, 4660, 4720, 4735, 4742, 4750 (produced from January 1995 through December 2000)
• 4760, 4770, 4780, 4790
• 4820, 4840, 4850, 4860, 4880, 4890, 4892
• 4900, 4910, 4920, 4925-2, 4925-6, 4930, 4940, 4943, 4944, 4947, 4948, 4949, 4950, 4958, 4963, 4968, 4969, 4980

If you’re missing one or both safety pegs for either side of the drop rail, stop using the crib immediately. Then contact Delta to receive a free repair kit by calling (800) 816-5304 anytime, or visit its website at

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