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How to Hide My Pregnancy From My Boss?

I'm sick and sluggish (and I've been late a few times), but I don't want to tell my boss about my pregnancy yet.

It does seem cruel that most women feel their worst during the first 12 weeks, when you’re trying to keep the news (and your nausea) hush-hush. Until you announce the good news (most people wait until 12 weeks just to be certain everything is okay), there’s no milking it for (well-deserved) sympathy. And it’s tough to come up with reasons for why you’re acting so drained. Here are a few excuses you can try out (not to encourage trickery or anything…):

For the sleepies:

  • I’m fighting a nasty cold and just feel completely wiped out.
  • Man, this (yawn) night class I’m taking is really getting to me.
  • This kind of weather makes me so sleepy.
  • This cold medicine really knocks me out.
  • My coffeemaker broke this morning.
  • Or put a book on sleep apnea on your desk.

For the lateness:

  • I had to wait for the cable guy/plumber/electrician.
  • Arg! I locked myself out of the house again!
  • My husband and I are sharing a car while the other one’s in the shop. I apologize that it’s made me late a few times!
  • The traffic’s getting really ridiculous — I’ve got to find a new route to work.
  • I can’t believe I accidentally set my alarm clock for 7 p.m. instead of a.m.!

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