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What's Up With Leaky Breasts in Third Trimester

You haven't even given birth yet, and already your breasts are leaking milk. Here's what's going on—and what to do about it.

The thick, yellow liquid that’s leaking out of your breasts is called colostrum, and it’s absolutely normal. This is just another part of your body getting ready for baby!

Colostrum is chock full of protein, antibodies and immunoglobulins, and will protect baby from infections and help get out that first poop of meconium. It’s the perfect food for baby’s first days—easy to digest and loaded with just the right amount of nutrients.

Your body starts making colostrum just three or four months into pregnancy, which is why this valuable substance is already starting to leak. By the time you give birth, the colostrum will probably be pale or clear. It will keep on coming until a few days after delivery, when it switches over to mature breast milk. For now, grab a couple of nursing pads to soak up the goods, and no one will notice a thing.

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