Q&A: Maternity Ward Tour Questions?

I'm touring the maternity ward soon. What questions should I ask?
ByThe Bump Editors
March 1, 2018
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Since getting your questions answered is the whole point of taking a maternity ward tour, planning them out beforehand is definitely a good idea. Here are a few to get you started: 

[] Can I preregister a couple of weeks before delivery? Can I do it online? (Getting the paperwork out of the way gives you one less thing to worry about.)

[ ] When we arrive, do we need to check in at the front desk, or can we go straight to the maternity ward?

[] Are cell phones allowed?

[ ] What are the delivery room policies on photography and videography?

[] How many people are allowed to be in the delivery room with us?

[ ] Is my partner permitted to stay the night?

[] How soon after giving birth can I try to breastfeed?

[] What are my chances for getting a private room? Will my insurance cover it?

[] Will baby be able to stay in my room the whole time?

[] Can the nursery staff look after baby if I need a break? How does that process work?

[] What sort of breastfeeding support is offered? How does it work?

[] Where and when are my other children allowed to be with me? Are there specific visiting hours?

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