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Q&A: What Don't I Need To Pack For The Hospital?

What don't I need to pack in my hospital bag?

Good question. We put this one to the new moms on our message boards, and here's what they had to say:

"I didn't use any of the PJs I packed! Hospital gowns were just fine for breastfeeding." _— MLE21707 _

"I didn't use my sexy hot pink towels — I decided to let the blood get on the hospital's gross towels. I didn't use my own underwear either — I used their mesh ones." — Kimba1185

"I did not need all the baby clothes I packed. In the hospital they kept him swaddled and in a t-shirt (they supplied) and diaper. We only needed I coming home outfit. I also took my own pads, and didn't need them. The hospital ones were 'heavy duty' and worked much better than any I had." — HappyTXChick

"I didn't use my socks — I had so many hot flashes I didn't need them!"_ — gisellems _

"Definitely didn't need my own nightgown, underwear or toiletries (shampoo, etc.)." — nielio 

"I didn't use my big pink fluffy robe to wear over my hospital gown, but I never did walk around during labor either." —_ RednekPrincess_

"I brought the maternity jeans that fit me when I was seven months pregnant, but did not fit when I was nine months pregnant. They still did not fit two days after I gave birth."_ — dimake

"Leave the 'entertainment items' (movies, magazines, CDs) at home. I was dumb enough to put in a movie while I was in labor, and the nurse and DH were more interested in watching it than paying attention to me!" — mrsrsh