Things You Don't Need to Pack for the Hospital

You've seen what should be in your hospital bag—but what happened to packing light? Here's what you can leave off your list.
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ByThe Bump Editors
May 2017
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There are endless lists of what to include in your hospital bag, but what don’t you need to pack? We put this one to the new moms on our message boards, and here’s what they had to say:

“I didn’t use any of the PJs I packed! Hospital gowns were just fine for breastfeeding.” — MLE21707

“I didn’t use my sexy hot pink towels—I decided to let the blood get on the hospital’s gross towels. I didn’t use my own underwear either—I used their mesh ones.” — Kimba1185

“I did not need all the baby clothes I packed. In the hospital they kept him swaddled and in a t-shirt (they supplied) and diaper. We only needed I coming home outfit. I also took my own pads, and didn’t need them. The hospital ones were ‘heavy duty’ and worked much better than any I had.” — HappyTXChick

“I didn’t use my socks—I had so many hot flashes I didn’t need them!” — gisellems

“Definitely didn’t need my own nightgown, underwear or toiletries (shampoo, etc.).” — nielio 

“I didn’t use my big pink fluffy robe to wear over my hospital gown, but I never did walk around during labor either.” — RednekPrincess

“I brought the maternity jeans that fit me when I was seven months pregnant, but did not fit when I was nine months pregnant. They still did not fit two days after I gave birth.” — dimake

“Leave the ‘entertainment items’ (movies, magazines, CDs) at home. I was dumb enough to put in a movie while I was in labor, and the nurse and DH were more interested in watching it than paying attention to me!” — mrsrsh 

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