Preregistering With Your Delivery Hospital

Get the scoop on why preregistering is a smart move and how to go about it.
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Updated March 1, 2018
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When it comes to preregistering with the hospital where you’ll deliver, why not go ahead and do it? Basically, preregistering just gets most of your hospital paperwork out of the way before you come in to deliver. This way, the doctors and nurses have your info (employment info, insurance documents and the like), and your file will be all ready to go when baby decides it’s time to make an appearance. It shouldn’t take too long, and you might even be able to do it over the telephone or Internet.

If your hospital allows preregistering, we say go for it—you probably won’t be too excited about signing forms and digging for your insurance card once you’re in active labor. Think your partner can simply deal with the forms? Maybe so, but that means you’ll be missing their support while they’re busy with the paperwork. It can also save you from potential insurance headaches down the road—mistakes are more likely if you register at that last (crazy) minute.

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