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Test Your Preconception Health From Home

Prep for a healthy pregnancy with this at-home test.

Ah, if only all check-ins on the road to pregnancy were as easy as the pregnancy test itself. Pee on a stick, get fairly immediate results, react accordingly. This week, e.p.t. announced a new suite of at-home tests to make your life a whole lot easier.

The Preconception Health Test is especially cool. While you should still go to your OB if you think you have a problem or have serious concerns, you can at least screen for preexisting vaginal infections — which could interfere with both conception and pregnancy — from home.

The test measures vaginal acidity and indicates the presence of any infections. That way, women can seek treatment before actually trying to conceive. Nearly 50 percent of infections that are linked to preterm labor never show symptoms, so the test is definitely worth your while (and your baby’s!).

Add this test to the list of ways to prep for a healthy pregnancy. You can find it at Rite Aid and on DrugStore.com, along with other new tests from e.p.t.: a Home Fertility Kit for women and men and the Ovulation Test Plus.

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