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Why Is My Belly Button So Sore?

My belly button has been so sore lately. Should I be worried?

Nope. It’s pretty natural for your belly button to be sore. As your belly grows, your natural tissues — the ones that hold your muscles — stretch in a way that hasn’t happened before (if this is your first pregnancy, of course). As your body gets used to a belly growth spurt, you’ll have some discomfort, but it’ll get better with time.

Another fun trick that pregnancy plays on you that you might want to be prepared for? Sometimes an innie becomes an outtie! This happens because of a combination of the stretching and the pressure your growing uterus is putting on your abdomen. If you’re not a huge fan of the outtie, don’t worry — it’s not permanent. It usually returns to normal after delivery once your body gets back to its original state (or close to it), although it may look a little stretched. I usually tell patients to expect that to happen around six weeks after delivery.

—Elise Harper, MD, ob-gyn at Health Central OBGYN in Frisco, Texas

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