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You Won’t Believe the Craziest Baby Names Of 2013

Well, it looks like 2013 was a year for trying… new things, since the Social Security Administration released its annual popular baby name list recently. While it’s not surprising that the monikers Noah and Sophia took top honors, it is surprising that 63 people named their daughter Vanellope after the character from Wreck-It Ralph.

After looking at the list, we chose our 10 favorite craziest baby names from last year, and I’m not sure what’s more confusing: naming your baby boy after an SUV or naming your baby girl after the first emperor of western Europe. Take a look:

Girls’ Names

Vanellope, 63

Pistol, 9

Charlemagne, 6

Ransom, 5

Rebelle, 5

Boys’ Names

Tuf, 8

Psalms, 7

Forever, 6

Kyndle, 6

Subaru, 5

Serious question: Would you every name your baby Vanellope?

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