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Revolutionary E-Stroller Helps New Moms When the Going Gets Tough

Meet the next generation of strollers.
PUBLISHED ON 07/16/2019

Smart products have become synonymous with 21st century parenting. Your video monitor doubles as a sleep coach for baby, Alexa will help you tell bedtime stories and now your stroller will do all the heavy work for you.

Meet the CYBEX e-PRIAM, the next generation of strollers. The sleek system is a first-of-its-kind e-stroller featuring innovative technology to make it easier to parent on the go. Here’s how the magic works—sensors in the handlebar monitor the pushing and pulling effort, while a smart algorithm guides motors integrated in the grame to add extra support when needed. When parents travel uphill, the handlebar sensors detect pushing pressure, and the algorithm adds support accordingly. When traveling down a slope, pulling pressure on the handlebar is detected by the sensors, and support is added to slow the stroller’s descent. It’s all done in a smooth way, so parents feel like they’re strolling on a level ground. It means always having a helping hand when you need it most.

Although not for everyone, parents who are city slickers or used to traveling along hilly terrains will find solace in this smart system. Come across rough grounds (think: cobblestones, sand, forest roads, mud, snow or gravel) while out and about with baby? Don’t sweat it. The motor will instantly kick in to give you a little boost. See it in action:

Postpartum moms recovering from childbirth will especially find comfort in CYBEX’s newest edition. Mothers are constantly being reminded how c-section recovery is essential, but sometimes basic parenting tasks—like pushing a stroller—create challenges that seem unavoidable. Thanks to the new device, women who are still healing can depend on the technology to do all the hard work when rough roads are ahead, so they don’t have to exert as much force as they normally would with a regular stroller.

To answer the question that’s likely on every parent’s mind: No, the stroller won’t take off on its own. Moms and dads can control when to allow the e-function kick in by pushing the power button on the rear axle, and the smart technology will only work when Mom is holding on to the handle. Click here for more information.

PHOTO: Courtesy Cybex