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Fall Maternity Fashion: Hatch Collection

Hatch Collection is one of my favorite maternity designers. From an oversized hooded sweatshirt to a flowy mocktail dress, its pieces are super chic (yes, even the sweatshirt) and have been seen on the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and other fashionable mamas-to-be. The clothes aren't cheap, but if you're looking for a splurge to make you feel effortlessly stylish, this is your go-to collection. (Most of the items can be cinched with a belt and worn post-baby, so consider it an investment!) Check out what Hatch has that's new for fall and see more at What was your favorite maternity clothing splurge?

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Pleather legging and oversize button-down

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look 2

Long-sleeve striped tee

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look 3

Shirt dress

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look 4

Swing coat

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look 5

Cashmere jogging pants

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look 6

Slip-on pants

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look 7

Strapless gown

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look 8

Sweatshirt dress

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look 9

Dinner party dress

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look 10

Boyfriend sweater

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