7 Amazing Women Share Why They Announced Their Pregnancies Before 12 Weeks

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Updated March 2, 2017
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We know the feeling: You took the pregnancy test and saw a big, fat positive and all you wanted to do was call everyone you’ve ever met and tell them you’re expecting a little one… but hold on! You need to wait it out a bit, just to be safe. So, when should you share your news? Bumpies on the 1st Trimester board shared their stories and reasons below:

“We told families at nine weeks, and made it Facebook official nine and a half weeks! We couldn’t wait 12 weeks! I say tell people when you are comfortable telling. It’s different for everyone.” – AirmanWife*

“It’s really a personal decision. If it was up to my husband we would have told everyone the day the stick said positive but I really wanted to wait. We compromised. We decided to tell our parents (at four weeks) and siblings (at six weeks) right away. We also told our best friends (at five weeks and nine weeks). We told extended family at 10/11 weeks and announced on Facebook at 12 weeks. It’s hard when to know when!” -- Kayte317

“We let our parents and in-laws know as soon as the test turned positive and swore them to secrecy, but they did end up telling some of our relatives before 12 weeks… but that was okay because we had already heard the heartbeat of the baby and it was nice to have my mom’s support and advice when I was sick.” — Amy11722

“We shared with our parents and a few close friends at five weeks. My coworkers found out right away at like three-to-four weeks because I was doing fertility treatments and I got the call when I was at work. We are going to wait to tell everyone else either after our nine week appointment or after 12 weeks. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!” — karlie8

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“As far as the people commenting about sharing too early: You can’t jinx yourself into having a miscarriage, so don’t worry about it. People are such busybodies when it comes to pregnancy. Everyone has so much advice and opinions, take it all with a grain of salt, and tell whenever you feel like it.” – kateisgreat

“We didn’t tell anyone until this week. I had an appointment on Monday and heard the heartbeat! I figured it wasn’t worth waiting until exactly second trimester or 12 weeks because I won’t be going to see my midwife again until well past that in February. My husband was also bursting at the seams and wanted to tell right away. This was our compromise. I didn’t make a huge announcement either. I called my mom and told her she can spread the word. After that I posted the news on Facebook but mixed in with a 10-month birthday wish to our son so no one really noticed I said I was pregnant! I liked doing that a lot more than announcing ‘Hey everyone I’m pregnant again’!” — BreanneL24

“Personally, I think you should tell at least someone early on. And if someone asks why you’re telling ‘so early’ I’d just say you’re choosing to be optimistic and explain that you’d need support if the worst happened.” — Laurakat81

*Some names have been changed.

When did you share the news you were expecting (and why)?

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