Q&A: Why Am I Getting All of These Nosebleeds?

Are nosebleeds more common during pregnancy? What can I do to stop them?
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ByDavid E. Zepeda, MD
Mar 2017
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Now that you’re pregnant, nosebleeds are probably a much more common occurrence than ever before, but that’s perfectly normal. In pregnancy, there’s an increase in blood volume, and the tender mucous membranes of the nasal area become more susceptible to nosebleeds as your veins get dilated. Nosebleeds also tend to come with colds; so don’t be shocked if one comes while you’re feeling a bit under the weather. (Learn how to prevent colds — safely — here.)

To stop a nosebleed, apply pressure to your nose by pinching it for at least five to 10 minutes, which is how long it should take for the blood to clot naturally. And word of advice, mama: Keep plenty of tissues with you in that big purse of yours, and check in with your doc if you’re having frequent or excessive nosebleeds.

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