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Darker Nipples During Pregnancy

Nipples looking decidedly darker these days? It's not your imagination. Find out why women's nipples get darker early and late in pregnancy.

It can seem like everything changes during pregnancy, even your skin. Some women get dark patches of skin on their faces or a dark line that snakes up their bellies. And, yup, it’s normal for a woman’s nipples and areolas to become darker too.

No one really knows why the nipples darken during pregnancy. It might be that  pregnancy hormones cause the cells that give our skin its pigmentation to become more active. In fact, darker nipples might be one of the  first  signs of pregnancy you notice, once those hormones start raging. Your nipples may keep getting darker as you get closer to  delivery (maybe that’s nature’s way of making sure baby can find them when it comes time to breastfeed?).

Whatever the reason, nipple darkening is perfectly normal, and your nips will typically fade to your pre-pregnancy shade after birth.

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