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Mucus Plug vs. Water Breaking: What's the Difference?

Whe something comes undown down there, it's common for first-time moms to get a little confused. Here's how to tell what's going on.

Many a first-time mom has confused these two, especially since a ton of discharge can follow the loss of your mucus plug. Think of it this way: Mucus is gooey; water is liquid. So if it’s thick, it’s not your water. When your water breaks, it will be like…water.

Amniotic fluid will trickle or gush, and shouldn’t have any color at all. It’s possible, though, that the mucus will have a yellow, brown, or green tint—if so, be sure to let your OB know. This means baby has pooped and will need to be monitored in case she’s breathed it into her lungs.

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