14 Memes That Sum Up Your First Trimester

Laughter is the best medicine.
ByNathalie Kirby
Assistant Social Media Editor
Feb 2019
woman in bed covering her face and laughing
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So you just found out you’re pregnant–congrats! It’s an exciting time for sure, but between having to pee all the time and fighting back the urge to throw up every time you brush your teeth, the first trimester can be filled with some pretty uncomfortable moments. While we might not be able to soothe your morning sickness or tame those mood swings, we can make you laugh. Here, 14 memes that hilariously sum up your first trimester.

When that first bout of morning sickness hits you.

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Trying to figure out who to tell you’re pregnant and when.

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Having to pee ALL THE TIME.

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Remembering you have to say goodbye to wine.

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When the bloat gets the better of you.

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Noticing your new, fuller chest…

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…but then realizing how sore it is.

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The time someone questions your weird food cravings.

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When everything, and we mean everything, makes you nauseous.

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Trying to figure out what’s going on *down there. *

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When the extreme exhaustion hits you.

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Accepting that your mood swings are a part of you now.

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Trying to hide your bump.

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You, trying to fit into your regular jeans knowing full well it’s time for maternity jeans.

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Published February 2019

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