8 Ways to Deal With Pregnancy's Aches and Pains

Let's face it, pregnancy can sometimes be one huge pain in the butt. Find out how you can stay comfy despite it all.
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ByErin Walters
Mar 2017
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As you’ve surely learned by now, pregnancy comes with lots of aches, pains and strange symptoms. The good news? All that soreness means your body is getting ready for delivery! As you get further into pregnancy, your ligaments loosen up to give baby more room to break out of your womb… which unfortunately leads to feelings of wobbliness and pressure for you, especially around your hips and pelvis. You might not feel total relief until baby is out of your belly and in your arms, but here are a few ways to ease the aches… at least a little.

Take a hike

Okay, not up Pike’s Peak, but at least a nice stroll. Keeping light exercise in your routine can energize your body and help you cope with the sore spots.

Eat right

Managing your nutrition increases energy levels, keep your weight gain in check and gives your body (and baby!) an overall advantage.

Kick back

Don’t be ashamed to just lay back and kick your feet up when you feel like it. (You definitely deserve it!) Propping up your heels helps blood flow and reduces the risk of clots and swelling.

Take a dip

The soothing weightlessness of swimming (or just goofing around in the pool) can help ease some of the pressure on your body and provides a bit of low-impact exercise.

Heat it up

Try placing a heating pad at the small of your back to soothe the soreness. To make your own heating pad, fill a cotton tube sock with plain white rice, tie up the loose end, and pop it in the microwave until it’s nice and warm (about one and a half to two minutes).

Get a rubdown

Ask your partner to give you a nice massage to help relax your muscles. The handiwork will also help your body release pain-blocking chemicals (endorphins) and get your mind off the aches by increasing feelings of intimacy. Try different things like pressing firmly on your lower back or working their knuckles up and down the sides of your spine. Be sure to speak up about what feels good!

Cushion while you snooze

If you haven’t invested in a body pillow yet, now’s the time! Sleep is often comfier with a pillow between your legs or under your back. Some women like to place one under the small of their backs, too.

Go alternative

If you still aren’t getting relief, consider alternative therapies like yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology or meditation.

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