6 Subtle Ways to Work Floral Accents Into Baby’s Nursery

Loving all the floral designs you've seen lately? Us too. But is there a way to incorporate these colorful creations into your nursery space without it looking like someone puked up gardenias and roses all over the walls and the carpeting? Yep! From lamps and wallpaper to plush pillows and bedding, your baby's nursery is about to get one big bouquet of a makeover (and we'll show you how). Check it out: How did you incorporate fun accents into your baby's room?
ByKylie McConville
Mar 2014
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Photo: Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer


You won't stick these in baby's bed (they're not safe!), but you'll want one of these plush puffs for your rocker — especially when you've been up nursing half the night! In white, they work in a girl's or boy's room.

_ Chiffon Floral Decorative Pillow & Insert_, Starting at $52

Photo: Photos Courtesy of the Manufacturer


Just by adding a floral lamp shade you can transform any of your old standby's into an accent piece (like on the left). But if you're looking for a more delicate approach, we love the veiled approach (like on the right). At night, it gives the room a romantic glow too.

_ Emmie Blom Shade_, $10

_ Veiled Lampshade_, Starting at $68

Photo: Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer


Hang them and — boom! — instant decor. Plus, they'll make baby's room feel light and airy.

_ Outdoor Decor Escape Leaf Grommet Top Window Sheer_, Starting at $24

Photo: Photos Courtesy of the Manufacturer


A rug really anchors a room and these floral designs are charming and welcoming. On the left, the roses add a pop of personality and on the right, the blue and green designs offer color to your space.

_ Rose-Scroll Rug_, Starting at $18

_ Catalina Cove Rugs_, Starting at $300

Photo: Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer


Wallpaper's back and better than ever (seriously!). But it's best when used on just one wall, kind of like an accent wall. If you're bold, choose the longest wall in your room (most likely where you'll put baby's crib), but if you're testing the waters, try a wall with a window. Adding colorful accents throughout will help neutralize the space too.

_ Garden Buzz Wallpaper_, $198

Photo: Photos Courtesy of the Manufacturer


These patterns might not work in a room for a baby boy, but we love the bright pops of color throughout. On the right, the floral is toned down by pairing it with a polka-dot fitted sheet. But on the left, it's the star of baby's bedding.

_ Floral Gem Crib Fitted Sheet_, $29

_ DwellStudio Rosette Blossom Crib Skirt_, $58

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