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Combatting Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Swollen feet is super-common during pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with the pain. Find relief with these expert tips.

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, to say the least. The only thing worse than trying to maneuver around with your growing bump is trying to do so with swollen, achy feet and legs.

In rare instances, swelling and pain in the legs can indicate a serious condition. If you have swelling or pain in only one leg or if swelling comes on suddenly, you should contact your doctor immediately. Otherwise, you probably have the normal swelling associated with pregnancy, which can be greatly improved with a few simple strategies.

Here are three big things you can do to help combat swollen feet and legs during pregnancy:

1. Get your legs up. Try to get off your feet and put your feet up above the level of the heart several times throughout the day for a few minutes at a time. If you can manage to do it once an hour, it will work wonders. If you work at a desk job, try to at least get your feet up onto another chair or a stool.

2. Move it, mama! The muscles in your legs work like a pump to move fluid upward toward your heart, so moving your feet while you have them propped up maximizes the effect. If you’re able to lay down with your legs up against the wall and make circles with your feet for three to five minutes, three to five times a day, you’ll likely cure your swollen feet. Doing other simple foot and ankle exercises like these can also help pump the fluid out of your feet and lower legs.

3. Wear compression stockings. If you have to be on your feet for hours throughout the day, or if you experience persistent swelling even when implementing the other interventions, you should try wearing knee-high or thigh-high compression tights. These special socks have graduated pressure form the foot upward to help prevent the pooling of fluid in the feet and lower legs.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions for these tips:

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