What Is a Leboyer Birth?

I’ve been hearing about the Leboyer birth method. What the heck is that?
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Mar 2017
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Back in the ’70s, Frederick Leboyer, MD, wrote a book called Birth Without Violence, which theorized that babies are happier when they’re born in a calm, gentle environment. (Not a bad theory, right?) Thirty-plus years later, you’ll find that many of his ideas — rubbing baby’s back before cutting the cord, immediately bringing the baby to you to nurse and bond — are now a natural part of a family-centered birthing experience. Many doctors encourage this quiet, soothing atmosphere for everyone involved. (And look at all the celebs who request “ silent births”!) The only exception, of course, would come if there’s an urgent medical concern for you or your newborn. Otherwise, there’s no reason not to encourage a peaceful start to your baby’s life.

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The Bump expert: Melissa M. Goist, MD, assistant professor, obstetrics and gynecology, The Ohio State University Medical Center

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