What Workout Clothes to Wear When You're Pregnant

Here are the key clothes and considerations that will get fit chicks through the next 40 weeks (and beyond).
ByAllison Young
November 27, 2017

Buy new tees and tanks

Breathable, moisture- wicking fabrics are a must. But stretch is also important thanks to an expanding bust. The ideal? A cotton and Lycra blend.

Swap swimsuits

Go for a tankini. It won’t pull as your belly continues to change shape both during or after pregnancy.

Find a better sports bra

Whether you hike, jog, or spin, a supportive sports bra is essential to accommodate growing breasts and to keep connective breast tissue from stretching or sagging. Rule of thumb to ensure a proper fit? Choose one size up during pregnancy.

Go for yoga pants

If you haven’t been already, you’ll soon find yourself tugging at your sweatpants, fighting to keep them up, so look for a pair that has a drawstring. Another great option: a fold- down waist panel.

_The Bump experts: Laurie Bagley, founder of Fit Maternity and Beyond; Renee Minges Jeffreys, exercise physiologist and coauthor of _Fit to Deliver

Model: Rachel Nicks wearing Athleta

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