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Photographer Documents What a C-Section Really Looks Like

Felicia’s maternity photo session was a great package deal. It turned into a birthing shoot as well.

The mom-to-be was about halfway through her maternity shoot with Jessica Bender Photography when her water broke.

“She looked at me with concern on her face and asked, ‘What does it feel like when your water breaks?’” Jessica Bender writes on her blog. “File that under questions I have never been asked during a photo session!”


After contacting Felicia’s doctor, the pair decided to finish out the photo shoot. And then Felicia was off to the hospital, with Jessica tagging along to document.

“She joked that if she went into c-section delivery, she wanted me in there taking photos of the delivery,” says Jessica. “Well, it happened, and it was incredible.”


“Felicia later commented on the photos, saying that it was like she was actually there,” Jessica says. “Feeling disconnected is something that I commonly hear from moms who deliver via c-section, so it was really special to hear that the images helped Felicia feel more present in the delivery of her baby boy.”








Photo: Jessica Bender Photography
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