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Michael P. Nageotte, MD

Sweating During Pregnancy?

Is it normal to sweat more than usual during pregnancy?

Yep. Perfectly normal. “Your metabolic rate is clearly increased in pregnancy, and your hormone levels are dramatically increased. Combine that with increased body mass and it’s very, very common for patients to have complaints of increased sweatiness,” says Michael P. Nageotte, MD, medical director of the MemorialCare Center for Women at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach.

You can’t really stop the sweating, but you can control any, uh, unpleasant odors. Feel free to use whatever deodorant you like during pregnancy, including the over-the-counter, clinical-strength preparations, and take comfort in the fact that your internal thermostat and sweat meter will reset to pre-pregnancy levels soon after delivery.

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